A Lesson Learned from Ridwan Kamil



A Creativepreneur should be:

  • Innovative
    It is about thinking and innovating outside the box
  • Risk taker (but must have been calculated)
    A person who doesn’t want to take the risk, he or she will never go anywhere
  • Visionary
    Set a target and achievable goals
  • Strong leadership
    Become a role model for other people, influencing, and inspiring others
  • Problem solver
    Know exactly how to get there
  • Agent of change (in developing world)

A person who can change others and their environment to make a better world


How to start creative business:

  • Observe

With observation, we can get more idea, creativity, and innovation  that would be useful for our future. Besides, book, magazine, newspaper, and social media also can increase our crativity. And also travelling would be a good experience for creating new ideas and imagination

  • Selection
    Be creative! Packaging is everything. Nowadays, people are more concern about the design beside its function. “Creativity is not only creating something new, but also the important things is to give the ‘added value’”
  • Think different

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and followers. Business which has a story behind would be more success than the common one, for example a ‘tajil’ seller who do it for the orphanages was more success in selling their products

  • Make a Plan

Planning is an important thing to start our new creative business

  • Scalable

We have to make prediction about our business in the future, and it should be scalable

  • Design / technology

The more excellent a design (unique and innovative), a better economic prospect we could get

  • Networking

Creating a wide-network for spreading our business and make it faster to be grown up

  • Innovative marketing

Nowadays, marketing is an important things to interact others with our products. We have to make a different, innovative, and creative strategy to atrract others about our products.

A business comes from an idea that would be transform into an added value which is important in a business. And we need creativity and innovative to compete with the others in building and developing a business. This is the key of success to become a successful entrepreneur, developing our country’s economic, to make  a better condition for our country.


Rike Giri Cahyadi –


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