Creativity, Innovation, and Long-life Learning


First of all I want to thank Paman Apik for teaching me about Creativity and Innovation. This lesson gives me insights, strategy, best practices, process, facts and much more about creativity and innovation. Thank you for your creative and innovative idea that inspired me to develop our creativity and innovative thinking. I think it’s one of the most useful lesson in my life.

I think that I’m not a creative person at all. I’m not a person who can create an artistic design for our existing daily products or breakthrough technology that would be useful for the entire human lifes. But, this lesson gives me something different point of view about it.

“Creativity isn’t about painting a picture or composing a piece of music or writing a novel. It’s about looking at things from a different perspective, trying out something new even if you’re not sure it’s going to work, thinking up lots of fresh ideas and having a go, and it could even be that dreaded clich thinking outside the box. “

Creativity and Innovation are the buzz words right now with some related reasons. With the economic changing, companies are looking for their people with their best and strongest asset, to help them survive and thrive. And it can be done by doing things differently, which is the core meaning of creativity and innovation.

A company who wants to achieve or remain cutting edge couldn’t do it by resting on its laurels or past successes. They need to be continually building a better mousetrap or at least making the present one more attractive. This action has been applied successfully by most of the global company in facing the global competition era.

Below are some points that I learned from this lesson:
• Identify hidden creative strengths
• Understand and utilise the process of creativity
• Find unexpected solutions to our challenges
• Blend Right and Left Brain Thinking
• Learn to Think Laterally

The methods in this lesson gives me various individuals or teams sharpen our creative capabilities to keep pace with our aspirations. Similar to many organisations right now, it results big changes and I have to rise our creative challenge to be success in the future.

This lesson tailored me the need   to stretch imaginations and inspire myself to make a greater contribution for the future. Whether we are in IT, Accounting or even Marketing we can learn to be more creative and innovative. We just have to step outside from our comfort zone, try out something new, and do a fresh innovative idea that would be useful for our life.

-Rike Giri Cahyadi-


About Rike Giri Cahyadi

A third year student in School of Business and Management ITB, majoring finance. 19 years old. Passionate in travelling, food, language, and culture. Hope to visit all of the most beautiful places in this world.

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